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Quick Details

Person Minimum age of 12

Learn about complex strokes and the braces you need!

In this class students will learn new strokes and develop confidence using them to move fluidly through the river, as well as, keeping yourself upright when things don’t go to plan!

As we learn more new skills, we will be able to tackle swifter whitewater. This is an exhilarating experience and your instructors will be there to talk you through the whole adventure. After the feeling the rush we will set up some paddling drills as we make our way to the take-out.

Techniques & strokes introduced:
• Forward & reverse strokes
• Sweep strokes
• Draw & rudder strokes
• Hanging draws
• Low brace and high brace
• Sculling brace

You will also have the opportunity to work on rolling techniques in flat and moving water.

In this class students will be fitted for a whitewater kayak. All of our whitewater kayaks are enclosed cockpit style like the Pyranha Scorch or Jackson Kayak Antix. Kayaks, paddles and associated gear are included with the course. However, students who have gear are welcome to bring it.