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SUP Rentals in New Hampshire 

Honestly, more people should standup paddleboard! It is incredibly fun, a great way to experience the water and most people haven’t tried it yet!

Our standup paddleboard rental program, helps take away the barriers and get you out on the board. If you want to rent one, we try to make it very very easy!

For those of you who want to take a standup paddleboard with you on vacation, feel free! You will be able to pickup from our shop during business hours. We are here to help you load it up, strap it down or throw it in the back of your truck!

For those house renters or vacationers, we deliver! Drop off and pickup of standup paddleboards, solo and tandem kayaks are not a problem.

If you just need a kayak for a couple hours, we got you covered there too! We drop off at Griffin Beach, here in Franklin at the beautiful Webster Lake each day at 1 pm. You may also be interested in our Wild and Scenic Kayak River Trip. On that trip the river will wind through the landscape around you, but you’ll be rewarded with multiple local wildlife sightings, including bald eagles, deer, an occasional mink, osprey, and heron. This is a great way to introduce young kids to the world around them.