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Quick Details

Person Minimum age of 12

Get excited about paddling!

This introductory course is intended to be taken after our Beginner Kayaking 2-Day instructional. We will get you excited about paddling and start introducing you concepts that will get move you through the rapids with purpose.

Your experienced instructor will help you understand and perfect three maneuvers that every paddler uses; how to peel out from calm water into current, catching eddies (aka calm spots behind rocks and river structure) and learning to ferry (move laterally through moving water). Leaning, edging and keeping an active paddle blade will be constant topics of discussion.

As everything with paddling, we will start in slow moving current, and as we build confidence, will move into stronger and stronger current.

In this introductory class students will be fitted for a whitewater kayak. All of our whitewater kayaks are enclosed cockpit style like the Pyranha Scorch or Jackson Kayak Antix. Kayaks, paddles and associated gear are included with the course. However, students who have gear are welcome to bring it.