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Quick Details

Person Minimum age of 12

Put the basics skills together to run a Class Il River!

Class II River Running provides students an opportunity to use their knowledge of strokes, concepts, maneuvers, and rolling techniques during a river trip environment. Participants will focus on increasing proficiency and efficiency while paddling.

In this class students will have the opportunity to put concepts from previous whitewater courses together in the context of river running. Students will practice different strokes, ferrying, peel outs, and eddy turns, while learning about river trips, things to consider, how to scout rapids, and what to consider when setting safety with some practical practice.

This is the perfect “Bridge Course” for paddlers advancing from beginner proficiency in a whitewater kayak to intermediate skill levels.

In this introductory class students will be fitted for a whitewater kayak. All of our whitewater kayaks are enclosed cockpit style like the Pyranha Scorch or Jackson Kayak Antix. Kayaks, paddles and associated gear are included with the course. However, students who have gear are welcome to bring it.