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Quick Details

Person Minimum age of 14

Private & Semi-Private instruction was never this easy!

Whitewater videos depict the best athletes in our sport throwing down on monster waves or dropping huge waterfalls each and every day. This simply isn’t true. Paddlers are made on class III rivers, where they make easy rapids harder. This hones their skills, craft and technique…. AKA this helps them improve faster.

This whitewater skills workshop is available on a first come first serve basis and will be tailored to it’s participants. This offering is meant to help you push past whatever is holding you back. Our instructions will work with you on your physical and mental game, in a fun on the water setting. All aspects of down river paddling are on the table.

With a maximum class size of 3, this is truly a customized private/semi-private lesson for you, on our home run… the Winnipesaukee River.

SYOTR (see you on the river)!


• Meet and greet your instructor and the group
• Review the day’s workshop agenda
• Gear up, shuttle and get wet