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Quick Details

Person Minimum age of 14

How vertical? The choice is up to you!

This is a fast paced course to build on the foundations of Freestyle 101 in the vertical!

There is an almost endless amount of trick combos out there. Our focus will be on cartwheels, loops and blunts. These tricks are the basis for all others and have a place in just about every combo that exists. Franklin’s whitewater park provides a perfect place to learn at all water levels.

Our goal is to speed up your learning curve. By yourself some of these could take years to develop, but that won’t be the case with our crew helping you out.

As always, courses will be tailored to meet the needs or wants of the participants.


• Meet and greet your instructor and the group
• Review the day’s game plan and agenda
• Leave the shop and head to the whitewater park
• Experience the wave
• Work our way through the agenda
• Wrap-up, class discussion